Yamar Yoshida & Heijiro Yagi

Yamar Yoshida & Heijiro Yagi
Yamar Yoshida & Heijiro Yagi

MALOU A-F Ver.2024

MALOU is the name of a typhoon that hit the Pacific Ocean in the fall of 2021, and is also the title of a book-type work that documents an outdoor exhibition that the author was holding at the same time the typhoon hit.
MALOU, which is based on the image of "uncontrollability" as a metaphor for wind and typhoons as non-negotiable and irresistible neighbors, has a blockchain artwork contract attached to it, giving an outer shell to the intangible production of the exhibition concept and process, and allowing the concept and process itself to be used as the basis for the exhibition.
It is a meta-archive project that envisions and implements a contract for franchise development and distribution as a work of art.
Both sides of the book are printed with photographs taken by photographer Shuya Aoki documenting the exhibition, and the parts that have already been contracted for sale and distributed are missing.
Graphic and book design was done by Heijiro Yagi. The curator Maaru Hiyama participated as a citation mentor for the exhibition sale plan, and drafted the contract with attorney Kodai Kimura. The acrylic on the surface is a reuse of a work created by the architectural team GROUP for the 2021 exhibition.
This new version will be installed in Okinawa, a place most affected by typhoons in Japan.

Fixture production: GYOSHA (Ryoma Itagaki)
Web design: Naoki Takehisa
Legal Consulting, Contract Drafting & English Translation: Kodai Kimura



Yamar Yoshida and Heijiro Yagi


Based in Tokyo and Atami. A collaborative unit of Yamar Yoshida, who practices social and environmental prototyping through art projects and exhibition media, and Heijio Yagi, who creates multidimensional designs based on graphic design language but from a speculative point of view. The unit is a collaborative unit. The unit's art projects include MALOU A-F (Block House, Tokyo, 2022).

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