Ryohei Otsuka x BIEN

Ryohei Otsuka x BIEN
Ryohei Otsuka x BIEN

PlanetesQue: The Case of O

In this exhibition, Ryohei Otsuka will develop his work using a device called "PlanetesQue," a kind of board game created by BIEN.
The device is in the form of a house with wheels on the roof, containing an instruction manual, several dice, and several symbolic objects.
The player (creator/decoder) carries the house/box to a desired location, opens the device, and follows the instructions to use it, observing the environment around the location and bringing it into the exhibition space.
In this way, the world of the player's own subjective view of the land is reconstructed in the exhibition space as if it were a box garden.
This work has been exhibited at the People project space in Ebisu, Tokyo, and at the PARCEL gallery in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, with different players and locations, but this time it will be exhibited for the first time in Okinawa, inviting Ryohei Otsuka as a player. Please come and see "PlanetesQue" by Ryohei Otsuka, which can only be seen at this location.



Ryohei Otsuka


Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1992, he completed his doctorate at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 2022. Interested in the experience of the body. His recent themes are "Where is reality?" and "Specificity and Universality," and "Realization and Information, the Body in Tangled Forms." Major exhibitions include "Distance between there and me, atmosphere between that and me, atmosphere between you and me" (2023, Token Art Center), "Riverside pocket2" (2023, Arakawa bank), "Tell me the constellation you found" (2022, ART DRUG CENTER).



Born in Tokyo in 1993. Starting with animation and abstract two-dimensional expression that focuses on the contours of letters and symbols and deconstructs/reconstructs their shapes and meanings, BIEN's recent works cross media such as video, sculpture, instruction, and installation, while questioning representation. The approach of incorporating the context of various cultures is also a characteristic of BIEN's expression.
Major solo exhibitions include "DUSKDAWNDUST" (PARCEL, HARUKAITO by island, Tokyo, 2021) and "PlanetesQue: The Case of B" (PARCEL, Tokyo, 2023), and major group exhibitions include "Rebellion without Reason" (Watari Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, 2018).

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