Marko Tadić

Marko Tadić
Marko Tadić


An Event to Be Forgotten (2020)

Shot on 16mm film, this visual representation is rooted in archival material and inspired by a poem by Hans Magnus Enzensberger that appears in the film.
The poem speaks of forgotten people, their lives and their deeds. Two archives found in a flea market in Zagreb (Croatia).
One belonged to a famous architect and the other to a famous composer. The film ponders about this event and about human disappearance and forgetfulness.

Director, Screenwriter, Animator: Marko Tadic
Cinematography: Ivan Slipcevic
Editing: Iva Blashkovic, Milo Manoilovic
Narrator: William Scarnell
Music: Milo Manoilovic
Sound Editing: Hlvoye Niksic
Translation: Mladen Domazet
Executive Producers: Marta Ujarevic, Mia Bucevic, Sara Jakupek
Producer: Igor Grubic (Kreativni sindikat)
Co-producer: Vinko Breschan (Zagreb Film)

Moving Elements (2016)

Moving Elements focuses on the creative process that leads to art making.
The car goes through all the stages of the creative artistic process, becoming part of the work of art and a player in the abstract creative process.
The film was made as a tribute to the filmmakers and films made during the golden age of the Zagreb Animation School.
It uses to some extent the visual language characteristic of that period, from the 1960s to the 1970s.

Director: Marko Tadic
Production: Zagreb Film, Creative Sindicat
Screenplay: Marko Tadic
Storyboard: Marko Tadic
Sound: Bojan Gagic, Miodrag Gradovic
Music: Gordan Tudor, Allen Shinkaus, Nenad Shinkaus
Editing: Iva Blashkovic
Animation: Marko Tadic



Marko Tadić


Born in Croatia. Studied painting at Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence, Italy, where he began to create drawings, installations, and animations. Received numerous art awards. The Vladimir Nazor Award for Best Exhibition in 2015, Best Design Award at the Croatian Animation Festival FHAF in 2012, Third Prize at the T-HT@MSU exhibition in Zagreb in 2010, and the Radoslav Putar Award for Best Young Contemporary Artist in 2008. Participated in residency programs in Helsinki, New York, Los Angeles, Frankfurt am Main, and Vienna. Cooperated in workshops for students at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, as a tutor for artist books, field recordings, and radio drama workshops. Assistant professor of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Croatia, where he teaches exhibition design and visual arts at the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA) in Milan, Italy. His work has been shown at many international animation and experimental film festivals, and many solo and group exhibitions worldwide. In 2017, he represented Croatia at the 57th Venice Biennale with Tina Guverovic.

【Curator for Europe】ゲルベン・シェルマー

Gerben Schermer


Curator of contemporary art and animation.
He founded, directed, and developed the international Holland Animation Film Festival (HAFF) from 1985 to 2018. Schermer has held board and consultant positions in national and international organizations. He has structured guest programs, served on juries at numerous film festivals around the world, and has worked as a film producer and publisher. He is also actively involved on the advisory boards of several foundations' grant programs. Gerben Schermer has been invited to universities and art academies around the world to give lectures and master classes on various aspects of animation and is regularly involved in the evaluation of student work. He is currently working as a curator of contemporary art and animation, including at Countryside Animafest Cyprus. Starting in 2019, he co-curated International Museum Day, accompanied by an animation installation and international artist-in-residence, Animation & Contemporary Art. In 2019, he organized the Chinese contemporary animation installation "LIU Yi Solo Project, Aliens, and Immigration Office - Soup Salad Pasta Pizza."

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