• 18 Portraits of Atlas_2006

    18 Portraits of Atlas_2006

    18 Portraits of Atlas

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    Ymene1 idu mi_2010

    Ymene1 idu mi

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1979 Born in Kyoto.
Takes up piano at the age of 12. From the age of 19, begins traveling the world, and making films based on footage taken during his travels.
2001 Releases album [pia] from New York. Afterwards continues on to perform concerts all over the world, and write music for exhibitions, music festivals ([The Wolf Cub and the Rain and Snow], [Child of a Monster], [Kingdom of Dreams and Menace](about Studio Ghibli), and over 100 commercial songs. Major exhibitions include 3 solo showings at the Yamamoto Gendai, and group showings at the Tokyo Museum of Modern Art, Aomori Prefecture Museum of Modern Art, Mito Art Museum, and San Paulo Museum of Modern Art.

2013 Upon moving to a small village in Hyogo prefecture, begins to collaborate with other performers to create the stage performance [Yamaemi],and in the fall of 2016 creates performs the [Oyamaemi], with his organization comprised of 15 performers, at the ROHM Theater in Kyoto.
In March of 2017, releases the [Yamaemi (DVD + 2 CD)], and album from the 2010 solo tour, [YMENE]. Continues to write the [Kotoizu] column for the [Sotokoto] monthly magazine.


Last year, I dropped in on a friend in Yanbaru. The climate and environment is warm, and I felt embraced by a feeling that "it's okay for people and animals to live just the way they were born." It gave me an opportunity to start thinking about we really are, as seen from creatures other than other humans.

Exhibition Hall : Former Ogimi Municipal Shioya Elementary School
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