Pottery Tamaki (Vada antiques)

Pottery Tamaki (Vada antiques)



Tamaki Nozomu (Okinawan craftsman/Okiten Member)
1991 Studies under Kuniba Hajime at the Tsuboya Pottery Studio
1999 Becomes independent
2000 Constructs an ascending kiln in Ogimi
2012 Awarded by the governor of Okinawa, for being an excellent skilled worker
2013 Awarded by the Okinawa General Bureau
2013 Created the faucet in the main temple of Shikinagu
2014 Awarded the Commendation Award by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry
2016 Awarded the 50th Okinawa Times Art Election Award
Tamaki Wakako
1993 Studies under Kobashigawa Noboru at the Tsuboya Pottery Studio
1997 Studies under Kaneshiro Toshiaki


I strive to make things that make me feel warm inside. Catch it! I am sending part of Okinawa's skill, shapes, and feelings that will never be forgotten, from the land of Yambaru (Ogimi).

Exhibition Hall : Former Ogimi Municipal Shioya Elementary School
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