「フランス国民美術協会展 審査員賞金賞受賞「舞いおりる陽光 光を求め影 怒と悲の累積 揺れる時風 降りそそぐ漆黒」
Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts Judges Award Gold Award “Desending Sunlight, The Shadows in Search of Light, Accumulation of Anger and Sorrow, Dancing Winds, Decending Blackness”



Main works include NHK historical drama [Legend of Ryoma], art show [Bi-no-Tsubo], 62nd Shikinen Sengu(transfer of deity) [Celebration of the Sengu]Shrine Museum Collection, Cabinet Secretariat [JAPAN] (Tokyo Olympics, Tokyo Paralympic Games Promotional Office Headquarters).
2014 Awarded the Gold Award and Judge's Award at the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts in France. At the International Expo in Milan, Sisyu was in charge of all the artwork for [Scene 1], in the Japanese Room, and was presented with the very first Gold Award for the International Expo.
Sisyu was able to sublimate "writing," a cultural tradition of Japan, from paper to media art and on to sculpting. Through her work that expresses feelings and understandings words connote, she transmits Japanese ideas and culture to the world.


Okinawa; a sanctuary of expression.
While I am still unable to make expressions that rip out the insides of my being, I can give all that I have to offer. I can be sincere about my works, and do my very best.
Please take a look at my works that have never been seen before, here in the land of Yambaru.
I will push myself, and I believe that my thoughts and feelings will be understood.
Writer/Artist: Sisyu Hai

Exhibition Hall : Former Ogimi Municipal Shioya Elementary School
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