Tamura Kiln

Tamura Kiln



Tamura Masatoshi, born in Osaka
2003 - 2009 studies under Masayuki Miyagi at the Kitagama kiln in Yomitan
2010 Becomes independent in Ogimi, sets up the Tamura kiln
Tamura Maiko, born in Ehime
2006 - 2009 studies under Yoneshi Matsuda at Kitagama kiln in Yomitan
2010 sets up the tamura kiln with husband Masatoshi, currently constructing an ascending kiln on the studio premises in Ogimi.


We use traditional methods and glazes used for Yachimun, traditional Okinawan pottery, to provide old-fashioned simplicity and liberality to dishes that will fit in with modern table settings. We are excited that the venue is to be in Ogimi, and hope that many visitors will have the chance to see our work.

Exhibition Hall : Former Ogimi Municipal Shioya Elementary School
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