Yodogawa Technique

  • 宇野のチヌ


    Unono Chinu

  • トカハヤ



  • Wakabayashi 100 years swing_2011

    Wakabayashi 100 years swing_2011

    Wakabayashi 100 years swing_2011



1976 Born in Okayama
Stage name Yodogawa Technique
Picks up trash and items that wash up on the shore to create unimaginable objects of formative art. Enjoys destination artwork, where he utilizes trash, typical of each destination he visits, to create unique objects, while communicating and interacting with the locals. His work [Unono Chinu] and [Unonoko Chinu] which are on permanent display at the Uno Port in Okayama, are especially well known.


There are many power spots in Okinawa, regardless of fame. But for me, I felt an especially strong sense of power and aura from the entire area of Yambaru. I am excited to have an opportunity to create and exhibit my work in such a special place!

Exhibition Hall : Ocean Expo Park
Former Ogimi Municipal Shioya Elementary School
Nago Agri Park
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