Noboru Tsubaki

"mammalian" 2012 インフレータブルバルーン
“mammalian” 2012 Inflatable Balloon

椿 昇


1953 Born in Kyoto.
1989 Entered art into the [Against Nature Exhibit] which toured the United States, and in 1993, entered into the [Venetian Biennale].
2001 At the Yokohama Triennale, entered the [Insect World - Grasshopper], a giant balloon shaped likea grasshopper.
Held solo exhibits at the Mito Art Museum in 2003, the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Modern Art in 2009, and the Kirishima Art Forest (Kagoshima) in 2012.
Directed may local events such as the [Hishio-no-Sato and Sakate Port Project] at the 2013 Setonai Art Festival. Currently a professor and director of the Department of Fine and Applied Arts at the Kyoto University of Art and Design.


Synchronicity - simultaneous movement at two completely separate locations. It was when I was trying to embody the two types of arks, one in Shinjuku, and one in Tanegashima, that I heard a similar invitation from the forests of Yambaru. It is with a sense of wonder, that I will be able to visit Yambaru with my Post paradise product_Prototype No. 2 and KASABUTA, which was entered into the Tanegashima Space Art Festival.

Exhibition Hall : Former Ogimi Municipal Shioya Elementary School
Okuma Private Beach & Resort
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