Isamu Gakiya

  • 無題2013


    Untitled 2013年

  • 無題2014


    Untitled 2014年

  • 無題2015

    Untitled 2015年

我喜屋位瑳務 Isamu Gakiya


Born in Okinawa, begins to create art, influenced by American culture that is evident throughout Okinawa, which was once under the occupation of the United States military.Currently based in Tokyo, works on commissioned work by clients, and in the large field of art.
2009 Awarded the grand prize in the First 1_WALL Exhibit (Canadian Gardens).


It has been 17 years since I left my home in Okinawa and moved to Tokyo. While living in Okinawa, had many ideas, youth, and even anger. That became the energy and motivation for my art. I am excited to see how Okinawa will appear in my heart today. I am happy to be involved with Okinawa; this time as an artist exhibiting his work in his hometown.

Exhibition Hall : Former Ogimi Municipal Shioya Elementary School
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