ori to ami Studio

工房ori to ami商品
工房ori to ami
ori to ami Studio

工房ori to ami商品


Yumiko Itokazu, 40 years old - history with boshi kuumaa (hatter), approximately 6 years and 7 months. Ten days from the first day she learned about screw-pine hats, Yumiko crossed over to Ie Island, with just the name of the craft, and within six months, learned the skill and ideas behind the craft. Currently, she holds classes on Ie Island, and in Kin town, working hard to inherit and pass on the skill.


When I was approached about the festival, I was honestly very surprised. I worried whether or not it was fit for someone likemyself, who is still new at the craft, to participate. However, I realized it was a great opportunity to teach people about screw-pine hats, formerly called Ryukyu style Panama hats, so I decided to participate. I want people to get to know this form of craft, that utilizes a plant known to Okinawa, and which is uniquely woven together; I want people to see the intricate weave, and feel the lightness of the hats.

Exhibition Hall : Former Ogimi Municipal Shioya Elementary School
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