Kaji Kubingata

Kaji Kubingata



Kajiku Setsu (36)
1981 Born in Naha , graduated from the University of Okinawa.
2004 Studied under Chinen Sadao of the Chinen Bingata Research Studio.
2015 After 11 years of training, establishes the Kajiku Bingata Studio.
2016 - to current - Instructor at the Okinawa Crafts Promotional Center


Ryukyu Bingata, a type of traditional dyeing known to Okinawa, flourished during the reign of the Ryukyu Dynasty, and despite the fall of the kingdom, wars and various difficulties, was preserved and passed on by our predecessors. I strive to keep in mind the skills of this craft, while embracing and expressing the feelings I have, as one who lives in the present. It is my wish that through this event, I will be able to make a small contribution to the development and dissemination of Ryukyu Bingata and its appeal.

Exhibition Hall : Former Ogimi Municipal Shioya Elementary School
Okuma Private Beach & Resort
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