Kazemoniwa Hiroshi Tada × Tomokazu Hamamoto

  • 多田作品

    Hiroshi Tada

  • 濱元作品

    Tomokazu Hamamoto

カゼモニワ多田弘 × 濱元朝和 Kazemoniwa Hiroshi Tada×Tomokazu Hamamoto


Tada Hiroshi
2011 Kobe Biennale (Special Judges Award)
2012 Kobe Art Road (installation with plats)
2016 Setonai International Art (space creation) Roppongi Art Night (space creation Roppongi Hills (display))
2017 Okinawa Scenery Production Project
2002 Shuri Castle Restoration of the Kyonouchi (Naha, Okinawa)
2005 Restoration of Ukinju Hainju (remains) (Chinen, Okinawa)
2007 Restoration of Shoin (drawing room) and Sasunoma (waiting room) Gardens (Naha, Okinawa)
2009 East Coast Driftwood International Art Exhibit (Taitung, Taiwan)
2014 Restoration of Urasoe Maeda Wakarigi(Hacksaw ridge) (Tametomo Iwa) (Urasoe, Okinawa)


Tada, who has been involved in the creation and design of garden spaces, collaborates with Hamamoto, who has been restoring various ruins throughout Okinawa, to create a masterpiece made of "Okinawan trees," in Nago, the entrance to Yambaru area. This piece is to become one scenery that is a part of the "Project to create and pass on beautiful scenery that Okinawa possesses."

Exhibition Hall : Nago Civic Center Agu Statue
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