Contemporary Art unit consists of Kimitaka Kizaki and Hiromichi Yamawaki formed in 2010.  Yotta expresses themselves through border art. Border art can be defined as an art that is created in reference to any number of physical or imagined boundaries.  They practice creating their art by fusing the thoughts and differences in the boundaries of genre, rules, and various types of values into a whole then transform it into art; promoting it to people of all races and backgrounds.  
At the 18th Taro Okamoto Awards for Contemporary Arts 2015,  their work 「KIN TOKI」won the Okamoto Taro Award. They produced
「NO SEDEN Art line 2017」(an art festival hosted by NO SE Electric Railway headquartered in Kawanishi, Hyogo Prefecture ), and conducts art workshops at Elementary schools.

The Exhibition
Yotta`s ChamPlayGround

About 70 percent of the soil in Okinawa is Red Clay.  This acidic soil is suitable for making sugarcanes, pineapples, and even artifacts.  Pottery made from red clay gets its unique color from the accumulation of iron oxide known as rust. As beneficial as red clay is to Okinawan culture it is easily loosened and can get washed away by the rain. Sadly, the economic development is causing a vast amount of soil to outflow into rivers polluting the ocean.  The Red Clay Pollution is doing severe damage to the ecosystems in the sea, especially to the coral reefs.

Okinawa has been strongly affected by foreign influence throughout history that created a complicated contradiction.  Okinawa`s unique culture is built from different cultures mixed. Not all cultures brought a bright future to the people.

To begin with, we will exhibit the works made from using the red clay stained in history and values of Okinawa.  The work created in the past titled 「KARA (Shell)」having the complication of war as a subject will be displayed and more.  Through this exhibition, we will promote an Art Installation that will make you think about the past, present, and future.
Osaka Canvas 2016 sponsored by Osaka Prefecture