BAKIBAKI(山尾光平)とMON(大山康太郎)によるライブペインティング・デュオ。2001年より「個人でもない、社会でもない“二人”という単位において表現を追求する」ことをコンセプトに、京都にて活動を開始。クラブやフェスでのライブペインティングから、店鋪や公共施設への壁画制作、イラストレーション制作まで、さまざまな企業とのコラボレーションを展開しながら、アンダー/ オーバーグラウンドを自在に行き来する。





A Live Painting Unit, BAKIBAKI (Kohei Yamao) and MON (Kotaro Oyama). originating in Kyoto, the unit started performing in the year 2001, based on the concept of pursuing and expressing themselves in a unit of 「Two」 not as an individual nor as a society.  They mainly perform at clubs and at Music Festivals but also paint walls on shops and at public facilities for various corporations. Their style covers both over and underground music.

The Exhibition
YAMBARU SHISA (Guardian Lion of Yambaru)

DOPPEL is a Live Painting unit creating images of heroes, divine beasts, and Buddha.  The artwork displayed at the site having Shisa which has the meaning of casting away evil spirits as a motif will encounter with the children at the ground of former Shioya Elementary school.  

* BAKIBAKI`s drawings that he displayed last year will be on the wall of the school this year as well. Last year exhibit “YAMBARU VIBES”